Free Advice

With the caveat that “free advice is worth every penny you pay for it,” do I have a deal for you.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I will be teaching a hospitality marketing class this fall at The Ohio State University. (I love the whole “back to school” thing. After getting my parking pass and my official faculty ID last Friday, I walked past a practice field where the Ohio State Marching Band was practicing script Ohio. Very exciting. But I digress…)

I’ll be teaching Hospitality Marketing 680, which is a case study class for seniors in the Hospitality Management program.  Students will be working on marketing cases for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues.

  • The final project will be a real live case study…and that’s where you come in.
  • If you have a marketing challenge that you would like to have my class tackle, let me know. I will be selecting 6 to 8 cases that focus on what the students have learned and that challenge them to develop creative solutions.
  • It could be a problem location, a brand initiative, or a program or challenge your team can’t focus resources on right now.
  • The only constraint being that the project must be accessible to students in central Ohio. That means that not only will there need to be a brand presence in the area, but also that the students will need a contact person who can supply them information and answer their questions.
  • The students are seniors in the program and will be getting invaluable high level coaching from…well…me.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t taught hospitality marketing before. That means I don’t really know what to expect and can’t make any promises. But what I’m sure of is that you will get a fresh perspective on your challenge.

If you are interested in having us consider your case study, please email me at with the following information:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Email Address:
  • Your Phone Number:
  • Your Company Name:
  • A Brief Description of your Company and your Challenge:

Classes start on September 23 and I will begin assigning projects the beginning of October, so the deadline for contacting me with your case suggestion will be Monday, September 21.

I’m really looking forward to this. I will get back to everyone to let you know if your case has been selected. If your case is chosen, I will get back to you with the schedule and the specifics.

Thank you for your consideration. I think the more “real world” the challenge is, the better the experience for these students.

Until next time…I’d love to hear your thoughts.