Sabbatical Leave Agreement Letter

Normally, we expect you to return to your position (or equivalent) at the end of your sabbatical. If our company is required to lay off employees during the sabbatical (z.B. if the subsidiary closes, we will comply with the legal requirements for redundancy and severance pay. We will also pay for all accumulated leave and sick leave. Benefits such as holidays, illnesses, personal days and holidays are not due while you are on leave. You don`t need to return your work equipment while you`re on sabbatical. You can also use all the benefits of the business (for example. B gym membership) as usual. With all due respect, I ask you for a leave of absence from work. I need this leave on (date) [ For example, I need a work leave on May 10] or (date) to (date) [ For example, I need a work leave from May 10 to May 13 for personal reasons. – Submit your letter in advance and have enough time for your employer to make the necessary adjustments. During their vacation, you are not required to provide us with regular reports on any [periodic reporting interval based on the particular status of the holiday] regarding your status and your intention to return to work. If the circumstances of your leave change and you can return to your workplace earlier than planned, you should not inform us at least three business days before the date you wish to report your work. “How to write a proposal for a professional sabbatical” We offer a sabbatical as an advantage to encourage our employees to innovate, gain knowledge and pursue their interests (for example.

B, volunteering, travel, research, writing). It`s a way to reward employees who have worked with us for a long time. We also want to encourage them to rejuvenate and develop their abilities. I feel the need for self-development and I want to ask for longer leave, sabbatical, to continue my studies and get another diploma. [All you do during your vacation as part of your job is the intellectual property of our company.] Results of activities that have nothing to do with your work (for example.B. Writing a book, registering new projects, creating new products) is yours. I ask you to consider my application and I hope to accept it. This letter is accompanied by the program`s acceptance letter and other related documents.

I feel the need for self-development and I want to ask for a longer leave, a sabbatical to continue my studies and get an MBA degree. I confess [company name] and I love working here. I intend to resume my work on [company name] as soon as I graduate, and by then I will be more competent, motivated, more experienced and more dedicated. “Leave of absence for Sabbath letters” As a general rule, a sabbatical, however, offers employees the opportunity to undergo specialized training or continuing education to improve skills or knowledge. Our sabbatical plan provides eligible workers with up to [five weeks] of paid leave plus [two weeks] of unpaid leave after the first [five years] of work for our company.