Simple Trademark License Agreement

The assignment. The under-conceded taker may not otherwise transfer or pass on the rights or obligations of the underwriter arising from this agreement without the donor`s prior written consent. The underwriter frees the licensee from any liability, cost and expense, including, but not limited, to an appropriate legal right resulting from or related to claims related to an attempted transfer, sublicensing, transfer or other transfer of the rights and obligations of the taker. This is a standard licensing agreement for parties who wish to license brand-protected material. Download this brand licensing agreement for free. The scope of the license. Subject to the conditions set out in this agreement, the licensee grants the licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, free licence for the use of the trademark under the [Descibe, how the mark is used] throughout the [territory]. The licensee cannot use the mark otherwise. Resignation for good reason.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4.1 of this agreement, the agreement and all the rights it confers, including, but not limited to the right of the taker to use the mark, are automatically terminated without notification from the licensee, where (i) the taker attempts to cede, sub-validate, transfer or otherwise transmit one of the rights granted to the taker by or in connection with this agreement. without first obtaining written consent from the licensee; (ii) the taker did not obtain the purchaser`s agreement for the purchaser`s use of the mark in accordance with Section 2 of this agreement; (iii) the purchaser uses the mark in a manner contrary to the restrictions imposed by or in connection with Section 3 of this agreement or which is incompatible; or (iv) the purchaser uses the mark in a manner that is not expressly permitted in this agreement. This form was written only for general information purposes. This is not legal advice, advertising, solicitation or tax advice. The transmission of this form and the information it contains is not intended to create a legal and client relationship, and their receipt does not constitute a legal and client relationship. You should not rely on this document or information for any purpose without seeking the assistance of a properly authorized lawyer, including, but not limited to, the verification and advice on the terms of this form, the necessary authorizations in connection with the transactions provided for in this form and all the securities laws and other legal matters provided in this form. Non-connection. The underwriter acknowledges and accepts that the rights conferred on the licensee under or in connection with this agreement and acquired by the taker are only licence rights, and nothing included in that agreement constitutes an assignment of any of the donor`s rights to the mark or will be construed as an assignment.