Top 10, More or Less

I’ve been feeling a “Top Ten List” coming on, so, just for fun…here goes.

My Top Ten “Quick Tips” for Restaurateurs

10. The more signage you have…the less advertising you need

9. The more formal the service…the less comfortable the guests

8. The more choices your customers have…the less they’ll be able to decide

7. The more complicated something is to do…the less likely your staff will be to do it

6. The more drive-by traffic you have…the less often people will forget about you

5. The more analytical the process…the less responsive the solution

4. The more steps of service…the less intuitive servers need to be

3. The more you discount…the less loyalty you build

2. The more you explain why you couldn’t take care of a guest concern…the less likely they will be to come back

1. The more you hold on to an unsuccessful strategy…the less likely you will be to find success

Until next time…I’d love to hear your thoughts.