Which Of The Following Sentences Demonstrates Proper Subject-Verb Agreement

Which sentences have a correct subject agreement? A. Grandma and Aunt Louise shame you on a gift. B. Grandma and Aunt Louise bought you a gift. C. Grandma and Aunt Louise will buy you a gift. D. Grandma and Aunt Louise get Which of the following sentences shows a FALSE use of the subject-verb match A) Team members shout at each other to maintain their momentum after half-time. B) The entire Congress voted unanimously to repeal the bill. A good cook with the right equipment facilitates the diced vent of an onion. 1. Which of the following examples is an example of accidental plagiarism? A. Submit an article written by a friend.

B. Copy information from a source and identify it as your own C. Summarize the information without 2. Which sentence has an appropriate subject agreement? 1. Niether harper neither finn are aware of the details 2. Missouri and Illinois are states along the Mississippi River. 3. You or I are responsible for cleaning the house, these students will demonstrate competence in using the subject-verb agreement.

Physics ends with “s”, but it is treated as a singular noun, so “physics is” is correct. . > The word “physical” is understood as a singular noun. Two hundred people on Vancouver Island are called Smith. No exact map of the oceans was available when Christopher Columbus sequenced over the sea. Measles is strange in that it looks plural but is not treated as a singular. In fact, many teachers say it simply has to be singular, but dictionaries don`t match. Here are some dictionary entries: Holland, Michigan, a city with tulip fields, are a magnificent sight.

The latest research on dog behavior proves that it is important to establish clear rules. Harriet or her parents volunteer at the local pantry every Saturday. Constantly barking over long periods of time is a sign that something is wrong. In ancient Egypt, a preserved body wrapped in bandages was called a mummy. Thorough studies of the new drug must be conducted. Anyone who eats candy has the potential to have cavities. The bus driver takes care to check the road for dangers. In the long queue at the water well were two students who were about to go to class. These are tricky, but B is wrong. Study this page. webapps.towson.edu/ows/modulesvagr.htm There are magazines on the rack, and you can borrow any of them. Some of the dog`s behavioral problems, such as digging, only affect the dog`s owner.

Here are three telephone directories; maybe one of them has the right phone number. At the back of the bus is a box or bag with old clothes. ADDED: Link to the Merriam-Webster dictionary showing that a plural or singular verb with the word “measles” can be used. Pork and Beans Restaurant serves antacid tables with their meals. Plural noun, but singular or plural in the construction ˈmē-zəlz Ellie Jo, Mary Jo and Martha Jo make the best apple pie in town. Two thousand years ago, Rome was one of the largest cities in the world. Paintings of childhood scenes often make Mrs. . .