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The Comfort of Consistency

There is something irresistible about consistency. Think about it. The experience you expect is the experience you get every time.It’s not unlike when my nephew was little. He watched the movie American Tail over and over and over again. Never got tired of it. It was almost like the chewed-up stuffed panda bear (AKA “Pandie”) he […]


I’m in Southern California this week and drove by one of my old haunts: Coco’s. I noticed it because they had a new sign with big puffy yellow letters, as opposed to the big puffy white letters the last time I drove by. Ironically, this exact location was one where we experimented with different exterior […]

Critical Mass

It’s finally happened. After decades of talking about the need for healthy solutions, demand has reached critical mass and restaurants are beginning to really meet the challenge.


I stopped the other night on my way home for curbside carryout from one of my favorite casual restaurants…nothing better on a snowy night than curbside comfort food! I had stopped several weeks earlier for the exact same order (double broccoli…no potatoes) and there had been a mistake in my order. To avoid having the same […]

California Cuisine

I love traveling. (I especially love it when a consulting project takes me to Southern California in the winter.) But the thing I really love is the unique regional cuisine I get to experience when I travel.

Consumer Confidence

I love the Ellen DeGeneres line, “A disturbing new study finds that studies are disturbing.” How true is that?

Top Ten Things I Learned at MEG, Part II

The NRA Marketing Executives Group (MEG) Conference in Las Vegas was a great place to learn, to network and to be inspired. Here is part two of the Top Ten Things I Really Learned in Vegas.

Top 10, More or Less

I’ve been feeling a “Top Ten List” coming on, so, just for fun…here goes. My Top Ten “Quick Tips” for Restaurateurs

It’s the 90%

Have you heard of “Udorse,” the newly launched endeavor where everyday people can earn sponsor dollars for the brands they feature in their blogs and Facebook pages? (

Reality Check

I had lunch the other day with my friend Marsha, whose teenage daughter got a job this summer as a hostess at a casual theme restaurant. Marsha, having worked her way through college tending bar, knows the business well. I love her story because it’s a reality check.