Monthly Archives: September 2009

Brand Fatigue

As someone who has been watching Saturday Night Live since the ’70s, I know something about brand fatigue. You know, after thirty years, I keep hoping that they will show me something new…and occasionally they do. Last fall, Tina Fey’s take on Sarah Palin was just the “new product development” that Saturday Night Live needed. At the […]

The Test of Time

I met a friend for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory the other day. She was a little late so I had a chance to read the menu. (You know me…always working.) Usually captivated by the variety of food, I had never noticed The Cheesecake Factory history on the first page before. I loved the chance […]

Free Advice

With the caveat that “free advice is worth every penny you pay for it,” do I have a deal for you.

Why Does it Surprise Us?

Why does it come as a surprise every year when sales hit the wall the week after Labor Day? Feel free to disagree with me, but, in my experience, the first week in September is the worst week of the year. I first experienced this years ago when I was with Max & Erma’s, and […]

Now’s the Time

I love the Verizon Wireless commercial where the teenage kids are reprimanding the Baby Boomer parents. The scene is the patio. The son says, “Cool it with the Twitter updates.” The father (talking while texting) texts, “I’m sitting on the patio.” With an air of exasperation, the son responds, “I know you’re sitting on the patio.” […]