Monthly Archives: October 2009

Top Ten Things I Learned at MEG, Part II

The NRA Marketing Executives Group (MEG) Conference in Las Vegas was a great place to learn, to network and to be inspired. Here is part two of the Top Ten Things I Really Learned in Vegas.

Top 10, More or Less

I’ve been feeling a “Top Ten List” coming on, so, just for fun…here goes. My Top Ten “Quick Tips” for Restaurateurs

It’s the 90%

Have you heard of “Udorse,” the newly launched endeavor where everyday people can earn sponsor dollars for the brands they feature in their blogs and Facebook pages? (

Reality Check

I had lunch the other day with my friend Marsha, whose teenage daughter got a job this summer as a hostess at a casual theme restaurant. Marsha, having worked her way through college tending bar, knows the business well. I love her story because it’s a reality check.