Am I the Only One Who Loves Jack?

Am I the only one that loves Jack in the Box commercials?

Honestly. I lived in Southern California for ten years and learned to love, love, love Jack.

I mean, what’s not to love? A California bad boy who promotes burgers…even middle-aged, Ohio-born women can connect with that. (Parenthetically, I own three Jack in the Box car antenna ornaments…I’m a little nervous about putting them on my actual car…but seriously, I have them right here on my desk as I type.)

Now back in Ohio, I’ve missed being in a market where Jack in the Box commercials run, but I just saw the latest Jack in the Box commercial and was inspired once again: Mini Sirloin Burgers. I’m not sure where the nearest Jack in the Box is, but I will be Googling it soon.

Talk about creating a brand identity…

First, they blew up “old school” Jack…literally, blew him up in a major ad campaign years ago–a little frightening, but awesome nonetheless. Then they created cool new Jack who makes a connection with consumers in a droll, tongue-in-cheek, witty multi-level way…a fascinating take on re-branding a heritage brand. If you haven’t seen their commercials, you owe it to yourself to visit

But to me, the big idea is the powerful combination of new product development and great advertising-a powerful “one-two punch” that has worked for years.

  • Just today, Mc Donald’s posted 4.3% same store sales increases which they attribute to their new McCafe product introduction.
  • Several years ago, I flew across country next to Charlie Rath, who had just retired as Wendy’s VP of Marketing. I had the chance to pick his brain and tell him that I was a big fan of Wendy’s marketing in the 80’s when I was in grad school. While other people always wanted to ask him about the “Where’s the Beef” campaign, I was more interested in the aftermath of the campaign. His big challenge then was where to go next. The answer was new product development. They introduced a sandwich of the month program in ads touted by Dave Thomas himself that allowed new product development to fuel their growth and drive sales for years.

The formula is powerful:

Until next time…let me know your thoughts.